Clothing and Textile Competitiveness Programme

The Clothing and Textile Competitiveness Improvement Programme (CTCIP) is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), funded by National Government and administered by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). This programme is aimed at improving the global competitiveness of the sector through a range of structured interventions covering all aspects of business operations, from very specific technical skills through to generic business skills. CLOTEX has identified this as an outstanding opportunity to upgrade the skills of the SME sector in  the clothing manufacturing industry andconsequently, submitted an application to the dti, based on the principles of clustering, benchmarking and shared learning.

Companies participating in the program range from small ( 1-15 employees), medium (16 -50 employees) and larger (51-300) clothing manufacturers with widely differing levels of sophistication with regard to structure, systems and organisational architecture. The firms also comprise of a cross section of the value chain in the clothing industry, from full service operations including a retail component to contract manufacturing only (CMT).

Clothing firms vary significantly in their levels of sophistication and it can be seen that those with well-developed systems in all the relevant areas are able to compete and thrive. There is extensive price competition in this sector with very variable profit opportunities, but with careful management and relevant measurement tools, sustainable economic business units can be built that offer wide ranging opportunities for job creation.

Interventions planned include:

1.    Benchmarking using the CNA Innovazione FRAME® tool
2.    Skills Training of Machinists
3.    Training in Cutting Room Skills
4.    Training in Production Supervisory Skills
5.    Improvements in Production Management Coaching
6.    Improvements in Human Capital Management Coaching
7.    Improvements in Financial Management Coaching

For more information, contact the Programme Manager:
Stefan Segal
021 637 3648 or 082 920 6346
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