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The primary aim of this flagship program is to provide specialized interventions to clothing companies through a focused, outcome-driven and integrated development process that would translate and leverage growth and sustainability of the recipient company. 

CLOTEX realized over the years that in working with clothing companies we had to redevelop our approach by gearing our mentoring activities to be:


  •  Tailor–made to the company
  • Direct individual diagnosing
  • Practical problem solving
  • Avoidance of complex system approaches
  • Follow up support for the transfer of training into practice

The predominant learning mode in the mentorship program is the action learning and transference of skill from the mentor to the employee or employer. The continuous environment of learning deals with a holistic task structure.  The learning environment within the company takes place via a process of the business striving to adapt, survive and grow.

The continuous challenge of the mentors are to add value to the owner managers learning from experience, in a way that gives wider meaning to his/her experience. The motivation for the owner manager is to learn and relate learning to progress which is to enhance a close link between business and management development in the small business.

The real criteria for success in the program has been the learning related to its ability to learn and adapt, in a creative sense, from the mentors with whom it interfaces. The learning is embedded not only in the owner-manager and his management team but in all staff so that it becomes the “collective” knowledge of the business.

  • Benchmark
  • Assessments
  • Interventions

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